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Lyn's MJ Paradise

MJ Paradise

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Welcome to my World

Last updated: August 29, 2000

Happy Birthday MJ!!

Paradise has been here 2 years now! Wow, *wipes tear away* hard to believe. However, it probably has been forgotten at this point considering I hardly ever update. I'm so sorry about that!! I wanted to change the layout but I haven't gotten any ideas yet, but I may still one of these days. I haven't even touched my other pages either, so I need to get working there too. Don't worry folks, I'm back in bussiness! Unfortunantly, my counter reset itself some time ago, so thats all screwed up, oh well...Welcome to the frameless version of my site, if you want to get the real feel of the new look, check out the frames version!

My junk pages, this is where all my stuff is!

Some of my artwork is proudly be presented at this site.

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Places that I got these backgrounds and icons from

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