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MJ Paradise!

This layout has been visited times since "sometime ago!"

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Last updated: August 29, 2000

Happy Birthday MJ!!!

Paradise has been here 2 years now! Wow, *wipes tear away* hard to believe. However, it probably has been forgotten at this point considering I hardly ever update. I'm so sorry about that!! I wanted to change the layout but I haven't gotten any ideas yet, but I may still one of these days. I haven't even touched my other pages either, so I need to get working there too. Don't worry folks, I'm back in bussiness! Unfortunantly, my counter reset itself some time ago, so thats all screwed up, oh well...

A quick summary of whats on each page located in the frames

Some of my artwork is proudly featured in this gallery.

Some of the graphics (the backgrounds and animated pics) I got from BellsnWhisltes so check them out!

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