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November 19, 1999


The Hollywood Reporter for November 9 has announced that Michael Jackson is to star in a high-budget feature about the life of Edgar Allan Poe. The Nightmare of Edgar Allan Poe is expected to bring Jackson's talents to executive production along with Gary L Pudney and Jim Green as well as to playing the leading role of the feature film. The independent European co-production will be jointly funded by funds from Germany, France, and Quebec, Canada and shot in Montreal. The life of the celebrated author of "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" ran the full gamut of human emotion and encompassed misery, horror, madness, drugs, and an obsessive fascination with the occult providing a wonderful foil for Jackson's undeniable talents. The screenplay is being written by Philip Levin, who is also writing a screenplay about the last tumultuous week of the life of Poe, who died under bizarre circumstances at the age of 40.

Source: a person, that goes by Spyce, told me through email

November 16, 1999


Well, I don't know much about this right now. I just heard on ET (Entertainment Tonight) that Michael Jackson will be starring in a movie. I missed most of the info, just that he's playing a poet. More info posted here as I find out more!

October 8, 1999


I just can't believe it! Is it true? I loged onto the Net today and say on MSN's website, in bold print that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe Jackson have been divorced!! How can this be true??!! For the complete article go here

Source: MSN

August 29, 1999


June 29, 1999


The two mammoth open-air benefit concerts initiated by Michael Jackson raised $3.3 million for humanitarian agencies UNESCO, Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The "Michael Jackson & Friends" shows were held June 25 in Seoul and June 27 in Munich. The former was organized by Cheil Communications, while the latter by promoter Marcel Avram of Mama Concerts & Rau. Each negotiated with the artists personally selected by Jackson. The Seoul show was aired live by TV station SBS, while the Munich concert was televised by German TV channel ZDF. ZDF broadcast the event as a fund-raising telethon; the five-hour prime-time show was viewed by 6.2 million Germans. Portions of the show were also televised in other European countries, aired over the radio, and Webcast live on the Internet. Acts on the Seoul bill included Jackson, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Boyz II Men, and Rod Stewart. Artists performing at the Munich show, which originally was conceived as separate pop and classic concerts, included Jackson, Status Quo, Barenaked Ladies, Sasha, Phillip Kirkorov, Alan Parsons, Ringo Starr, Scorpions, Boyzone, All Saints, Patricia Kaas, Zucchero, Helmut Lotti, Andrea Bocelli, Peter Maffay and Noa, Vanessa Mae, and Angela Gheorghiu & Roberto Alagna. Luciano Pavarotti was also scheduled to perform but canceled due to voice problems.

Source: MJWorld

June 25, 1999


I only heard the Munich concert on MCY Live, and it was great!!! Of coarse, anything MJ is in, is great! I feel very sorry for anyone that missed it.

June 21, 1999


Today, Monday June 21st, Michael arrived at Seoul around 12 a.m. 2,000 policemen came to the airport to surround the King of Pop's arrival. As he often requests it, Michael wanted to be filmed walking with the police forces. About 300 fans were waiting for Michael at the Shilla Hotel. Prince and Paris came first. Michael followed a few minutes later. They will all be staying in the Presidential suite. Tomorrow, Tuesday June 22nd, Michael is expected to visit "Everland", a theme park located in the suburds of Seoul. Owners of tickets for the "MJ & Friends" concert will be allowed into the amusement park for free during Michael's visit. On Thursday, Michael will attend his first rehearsal for the concert at the Olympic Stadium.

Source: MJWorld

June 15, 1999


In a recent meeting held in New York between Michael and Tommy Mattola, president of Sony Music, the release date of Michael's new album was finalized. The album will be released on November 11, 1999 within North America. The album however will be released several days earlier in Europe in order to discourage paralell import. The album will be available in CD, cassette, and mini-disc formats. The album title is still unknown.

Source: EMJ

June 9, 1999


Ok, Michael is now in Germany for his press conference and all. My poor German friends are having a hard time recording the conference for its on many different channels which are showing different parts. Man, they are so lucky to actually see him mentioned on tv.

June 2, 1999


In a statement released by Debbie Rowe, Michael's wife, to the NBC station in Los Angeles she announced that Prince "is not dying. He has a virus infection and is going to be fine."Debbie also said she had spoken with doctors in Los Angeles and New York who assured her that her son would be all right. In response to rumors over the past couple of days that son Prince is dying Debbie said "To hear that your child is dying, to find that on the news and it not being true, it's horrifying, especially when I have just spoken to his father and he told me he was OK." Prince became sick early Saturday morning while he was out of the country with Michael. Michael is currently staying by Prince's bedside, and Debbie was travelling to New York to be with Prince and her husband. At the "Pavarotti & Friends" concert in Modena, Italy where Michael was scheduled to sing the finale "We Are The World" all the performers took to the stage and sang the song, Pavarotti also led the audience in prayer for Michael's son. Earlier today a statemnt was released by Sony executive John Morrish stating that "Michael Jackson is unfortunately unable to attend the 'Pavarotti and Friends' concert in Modena due to an illness affecting his son, Prince. Prince suffered a serious seizure early Saturday due to a high temperature." He also acknowledged that, "this is the third such seizure over the last year" Prince has suffered.

Source: EMJ

May 31, 1999


Word has reached MJ News International that the confirmed rumours are that Michael has not yet arrived in Modena because Prince is very ill, and like any caring parent, Michael is devastated. He is staying with Prince for as long as possible. If Prince's temperature, which has stayed very high for the last three days, stabilises, he will get on the Concorde and be in Modena tomorrow (Tuesday). News will be announced in Italy then.

Source: MJ News International, actually from a friend's email

May 19, 1999


TLC's website reported the following news today, Quote, "The Canadian cable station Global showed footage of Michael arriving at a New York theatre to catch the Star Wars movie. Michael was wearing a scarf around his head and a white t-shirt underneath a long see-through jacket (looked like some kind of rain coat). They said he was there with his son, a nanny and his usual entourage. Also it has been reported that after Michael's visit in Italy he will travel to Japan to visit Tokyo in June, to open a special class room in an Entertainment School." Unquote.

Source: MJWorldandTLC

May 18, 1999


MJIFC reported the following today, Quote, "In a video-taped statement, Michael Jackson, confirmed today his previous announcement of holding a charity concert in Seoul, South Korea. This concert, said Michael, will help raise funds for children in Kosovo, Africa and elsewhere. The video message was screened at a press conference in Seoul, by Mama Concerts, Michael's concert promoters. The concert "Michael Jackson & Friends - What More Can I Give?" will take place in the Olympic stadium in Seoul on June 25, 1999. "I've wanted to help these suffering children for a very, very long time... These innocent children are in such pain because of the greed and political disagreement of us adults...To help these children is not charity. It is our duty." Michael's concert promoter, Marcel Avram of Mama Concerts, stated that actress Elizabeth Taylor, and guitarist Slash will be among the special guests. The multi-star event will include performances by Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, and Boyz II Men, International pop artists such as Russia's Alla Pugatchova, and Philip Kirkorow, the German group Scorpions, and the Swedish duo Roxette, and many more artists. Michael said that the proceeds from the concerts in Seoul and Munich would be dispersed through the International Committee of the Red Cross, Nelson Mandela's Children's Fund, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)." Unquote.

Source: MJIFCandMJWorld

May 7, 1999


Tim Moynihan from PA News reported the following today, Quote, "Children from Kosovo will benefit from this year's Pavarotti & Friends charity show organised by opera great Luciano Pavarotti in his home town, it was announced today. Artists appearing with the opera great on June 1 at the annual show in Modena, Italy will include blues legend BB King, and rock and pop stars Boyzone, Mariah Carey, Joe Cocker, Gloria Estefan and Michael Jackson. The sixth such concert will benefit international aid organisation War Child, providing funds to build three centres for children in Guatemala. That project has been planned for the past year. However, because of the emergency situation in Kosovo, a million dollars of the funds raised by the concert will immediately be donated through War Child Italy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' Safe Children project, providing emergency relief for young Kosovan refugees. Pavarotti & Friends will represent the first major international benefit concert for Kosovo. From the subsequent charity album and video, to be released by Decca Records, contributions will be divided evenly between the Guatemala project and relief for children in Kosovo." Unquote.

Source: MJWorld

April 26, 1999


Michael Jackson is planning to record a duet with Lauryn Hill for release as a millennium single later this year. One Four Three/peermusic writer and Jacksonís friend David Foster is understood to be co-writing and producing the track - which has the working title 'This Is Our Time' - with Jackson in-between projects with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. One Four Three boss Brian Avnet confirms Foster and Jackson are working together. "I donít know yet what song theyíre doing together - itís going through some incarnations." A source says, "Itís very hush-hush but itís a very Fosterised production with excerpts from points in the century, pastiched lyrical references to events like the man on the moon or Martin Luther King that will work with a video." He says, "Knowing what Davidís songs sound like, itíll probably end up with big string arrangements and everything but the kitchen sink thrown into it. Itíll certainly lend itself to the end of the year."

Source: MJWorld

April 25, 1999


This article appeared in Talk Magazine today, Quote, "I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes I win." So said Mata Hari in front of the firing squad. "WHO WAS that beauty with the shock of white hair, wandering around Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, communing with nature and petting baby tigers, giraffes and other animals? But, of course, it was our friend, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, posing for photographer Michel Compte. It's been a long time since "National Velvet" and Lassie Come Home," but Elizabeth still has a way with creatures. These shots of Taylor a la Dr. Dolittle will be used to accompany an interview she's done for Tina Brown's much-anticipated Talk Magazine. Elizabeth reportedly looked soft and natural - dressed in flowing linens and khaki pants and Eastern caftan-type things. In keeping with the bucolic setting, her maquillage was also natural. [But that's been her way for a while. When one meets Elizabeth these days, her freckles are most charmingly visible.] " Unquote.

Source: MJWorld

April 22, 1999


I know this has nothing to do with MJ...but its something that bugs practically every MJ fan including me. A few days ago, a terrible killing went on. Two teenagers dressed in trench coats walked into a high school in Littletown, Colarado and began shotting at any student that was a jock. They injured many students and even killed a number of them, and then killed themselves. Please, pray for the families of the kids that were killed and injured!

April 18, 1999


The following is an update on Michaelís upcoming solo album - The first single from the new album will be ďI Have This Dream,Ē with a release date expected to be October or November 1999. ďI Have This DreamĒ is a song composed by Michael Jackson, David Foster, and Carole Bayer Sager.

Source: MJWorld

April 17, 1999


TLC just received the unconfirmed news that Michael Jackson will do 2 millennium concerts on December 31st 1999/January 1st 2000. 1 in Australia and 1 in Hawaii. Due to time difference it is possible to celebrate the new millennium (new year) with these concerts. After the concert in Australia Michael will fly with a special airplane to Hawaii where he will perform the next concert. All official sources (Mama Concerts, Sony Music, MJJ productions) are not available right now, as soon we get the official confirmation you can read it on

Source: MJWorldand TLC

April 17, 1999


The Daily Mirror dated April 17th reported the following, Quote, "MICHAEL JACKSON fans have given our Kosovo appeal fund a boost of nearly £4,000. Calls to our special line to hear excerpts from Jacko's exclusive interview with The Mirror raised £3,871 of our current total £168,343. If you want to help us help the refugees phone your credit card pledge to 0870 9090244. Or send a cheque to Kosovo Crisis Appeal at Mirror Kosovo Appeal, PO Box 4017, London E14 5BJ." Unquote.

Source: MJWorld

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