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Picture Index

MJ pics that I drew

Drawing #4 & #5 I don't own anymore, I gave them to a freind of mine. The others are the ones I had to delete when I first put them up.

drawing #1

drawing #2

drawing #3

drawing #4

drawing #5

What's weird is that I'm usaully not good at drawing and I'm not very good at drawing people and horrible at drawing men and I'm very horrible at drawing a pic of someone who is alive. But I seem to be able to draw MJ pretty good! LOL

Borrowed pics from friends of mine

Thanx to MJCentral, soul2soul, and RogerSpy!

MJ chair

HIStory tour poster

MJ & quincy

Glove pic

A cute MJ pic

Billie Jean

A cool MJ pic

A pic from Victory tour


Stranger in Moscow

another pic from Soul

Debbie, MJ's wife

Lisamarie, MJ's old wife

YANA pic

MJ, Debbie, and Prince

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