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About me!

My name is Carolyn but I like to be called Lyn most of the time. I'm a 13 year old girl from Maryland, USA. I was born on December 5th, 1985. I enjoy singing, dancing, acting, writing, listening to music, and going on the Iternet. I have 3 brothers and two of them is married, if you would like to see his wedding pic, please email me. I love Michael Jackson! My fav. Michael Jackson song is Earth Song. I aslo love movies like Star Wars and I love to wacth Michael dancing and his videos!! I'm also an otaku which means I love anime (Japanese animation).

I love to chat with other MJ fans from around the world! My nick in the MJIFC chat room is Lyn and I also go by YANAangel in there sometimes. I also go in the tlc chat room with nicks like YANAangel, Lyn, or Cecilia (my Spanish name for school) I'm in chat rooms alot so if your a MJ fan, you may see me alot in some rooms........I also chat alot on ICQ, my ICQ # is 15907075 and my nick there is also Lyn......

To my friends!

I had to take down my pic, for the fact that there are a lot of creeps out there on the Net and I have to be careful. Now I would like to just give a HUGE thanx to all my friends for just being my friends!! Thank you my fellow chat friends at MJIFC, Marjo, Papa bear, Romy, Bob, fedora, Cynangl, FriedCoffee, Sparkle, GS, ScreamLouder, Ralph, Global Harmony, Cabbage, mjj, Chris Dampier, blacktimberwlf, jill, janne, Janette, Julie, Prince of Pop, Martyn aka bad boy, Zim Zum, MJCentral, Nika, kemal, and Shy Lola! A big special HUGZ goes out to Lissy (lisamarie)!! Also thanx to my ICQ friends, Cathy, Krittal, Shalita, Iris, Smooth Criminal, Jewel Heist, Suzie K, RyokoUtena, Skeeter, Drewker, Mjj, mjj, and POP! And thanx to my email friends, Nikky, Guntaum, and (another big hugz to) Michelle! If I forgot to mention you and you are a friend of mine, I apoligize, email me and I will add you! Or if I spelled your name or nick name wrong, please email me, I'll correct it.

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